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Hi! Thanks for visiting my shop. All of the artwork here is drawn by me and inspired by my favorite animes. I sell enamel pins, metallic stickers, prints & posters, and apparel and I'm always coming out with new products. I hope you see something you like :) -SAJU Art

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I waited for Yue to be available before I ordered any of these pins, and I have to say, Yue is even more beautiful in person! I was quite literally stunned. I love the subtle screenprint and the quality is perfect. This is definitely the prettiest Yue design I've seen. She is quite possibly my favorite pin I own atm. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! I highly recommend checking out this shop :)

- Rosalie

I just got the pins and I am OBSESSED!!!! Thank you so much!! Such a great business and amazing products!!!!

- Mark

I just wanted to let you know that my Sharingan pins came in! THEY'RE AMAZING! Also, thank you so much for the free Itachi sticker! Your pins are literally the best quality and you have absolutely amazing designs. The sticker is so amazing too, I definitely will be purchasing them from now on. I for sure will keep purchasing from your shop. I'm obsessed :D

- Leyna

I really loved your designs once I saw them from a Facebook ad and went to the store right away. The visual and color compositions on the solo characters in your designs are really nice and they translate well in your enamel pins too. I also like how the individual characters' traits and motifs are tied into the designs. Your dual range of cute illustrations and street illustrations is awesome. Keep at it and keep creating!

- Victoria