✦Moon Princess Enamel Pin✦

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✦ 2 pc pin set:

✧ Yue | 2" in height | Silver plating | Screenprint for hair detailing and lips | NEW! White glitter now on the ribbons (Please note that there may be tiny specks of other colors in the white glitter, which can't be helped.)

✧ Tui & La | 1" in height | Silver plating | Tui has white glitter

✧ Attached with silver removable chain measuring 1.5" in length


✦✦ MASTER SET with all 14 pins and free gift box now available!

A:TLA Set 1: (Aang, Azula, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Appa)

✦ A:TLA Set 2: (Suki, Iroh, Momo)

A:TLA Set 3: (Mai, Ty Lee, Cabbage Man)

✦ Please see my Pin Grading Guide before purchase~

✦ B-Grade Yue pins have more issues with the white glitter areas, with more obvious colored specks mixed in.

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